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Edupro Concepts Bangladesh

Edupro Concepts Bangladesh is a duly registered organisation in Bangladesh.

Edu Pro is coined from two words “Education” and “Promotions”. As the name implies, it is focused on only educational events and promotions.

Edupro is the first ever Extra and Co curriculum organisation in Bangladesh, it serves as the one stop shop and hub for well curated and structured Co and extra curriculum for Bangladeshi children.



The core mandate of Edupro is to complement the efforts of Teachers and to organise only safe and proper educational events that unearths and exposes the child in positive arenas.
This we do by organising educational contests, innovation challenges, junior sport tournaments amongst others.

InterContinental Spelling Bee


Academic Camp

UK, Canada and Germany

Unique World Robots


French Exchange Programme

France and La Côte D’Ivoire

Help The Future- HTF

Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our focus transcends our national boarders, we have recognized partners with whom we have affiliations and act as country representatives for