Past Events

Victory Day Spelling Bee 2023

Relive the excitement of our past Victory Day Spelling Bee! With 30 bright participants hailing from different schools in Dhaka, the competition was nothing short of captivating. Witnessing the contestants’ dedication and skill as they navigated through challenging words was truly remarkable. In the end, three deserving winners emerged, their triumphs a testament to their hard work and linguistic acumen. Though the event may be over, its impact and memories linger, reminding us of the thrill of friendly competition and

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Global Spell Bee 2023

The National event of the Global Spell Bee 2023 The National event of the Global Spelling Bee 2023 brought together the top ten brightest participants from schools across Dhaka for an exhilarating showcase of linguistic prowess. With participants honing their spelling skills through rigorous preparation, the competition was intense and captivating. Each round saw spellers tackling an array of challenging words, showcasing their mastery of language and their composure under pressure. As the competition unfolded, spectators were treated to a

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